Love and right thinking

“When a man is right his thoughts are right, active and they are fruitful. He loses self in love, and cannot hear himself, unless he loses the chord. The right thinker and worker does his best, and does the thinking for the ages. No hand that feels not his help, no heart his comfort. He improves moments; to him time is money, and he hoards this capital to distribute gain.”

– Mary Baker Eddy, From “Message to the Mother Church 1900”

2 thoughts on “Love and right thinking

  1. Veronica

    Lately, I have noticed how much MBE talks about moments. Not time or specific objectives, but moments. I cling so strongly to that idea because every moment is an opportunity to express Christ, Love, God. It really helps me overcome fear of situations because I know in that moment, I can be the fullest expression I need to be. And if in the next moment, the consequence is not what I expected, I can respond in that moment . I don’t know, it is all rather momentous.

  2. Nate

    Here’s something I’ve been diggin’: Eternal life is not something “in” the future, it’s something we’re living right now. Infinite life isn’t something like a lifeline that never ends. Infinity is often represented with a sphere or figure 8 – but, that representation is also limited. Eternal, infinite life is complete abundance and perfection of now – our moment. I never liked the idea of living “in” the moment. MBE says that “in” disappears in the Science of Life. Veronica expressed the more accurate concept of “living momentously” expressing the Christ.


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