Awesome free panel talk on spirituality/medicine! Monday, Apr 2 @7:30pm

Our society is joining forces with 3rd Church of Christ, Scientist in Hyde Park, Boston, to bring a great event to our communities.  We realized that many people around us are seeking better health, some of whom are also interested in exploring the connection between spirituality and health.  So we’re hosting a special discussion with four panelists, each with a unique background, to discuss what they’ve found on this topic and how they’ve seen spirituality and health as interconnected.

A bit about the panelists: 

  • John R. Peteet, M.D., is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.  
  • Michael N. D’Ambra, M.D., also at Harvard Medical School, is an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology.  
  • Michael Balboni, PhD, ThM, is a researcher at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.  
  • Christine Driessen, C.S.B., J.D, is a professional practitioner, lecturer, and teacher of Christian Science.
  • All four contributed to a new book called The Soul of Medicine: Spiritual Perspectives and Clinical Practice, of which Peteet and D’Ambra are the editors.  (It’s published by The Johns Hopkins University Press, and you can find more info on the book here.)

Come join us on Monday, Apr. 2 at 7:30pm.  The panel talk will be over at Capen Hall at Hope Church, on 85 Seaverns Ave (just off of Centre St., or a two-minute walk from the Green St. stop on the Orange Line) in Jamaica Plain.

And remember — this event is completely free of charge and will be a great chance for anyone to ask questions & think more about the nature of health.  Feel free to invite friends!

To read more details about the panelists, or to join this event through Facebook, go here:  And message us if you’d like the below flyer about the event emailed to you for printing or sharing.

Hope to see you there.  Blessings.

The Convergence of Spirituality and Medicine, April 2 @7:30pm.

2 thoughts on “Awesome free panel talk on spirituality/medicine! Monday, Apr 2 @7:30pm

  1. , I have had some very profound exepcienres that I would consider spiritual and I am very interested in the spiritual dimension of human existence. Ekhart Tolle\’s The Power of Now was the first time I had really seen a clear example of a real, meaningful spiritual practice without any religion at all. I think that you can be spiritual without a faith in anything. You can be a complete atheist and still have a spiritual practice. I am an agnostic I don\’t claim to know what the afterlife or the divine is, in fact, if there is an afterlife and a divine entity, it is probably as far beyond my comprehension as quantum physics is to a parrot. So I just let that go. It doesn\’t matter to me. If there is an afterlife, I\’ll see it when I see it. If there isn\’t, then I won\’t, and I am really comfortable with that stance. None of the other animals in nature worry about these issues any more than I do. I also recognize that talking like this can make some people very upset, so that is why I feel that I have to be careful. I never broach these subjects unless someone else does, and I am completely accepting of what others believe (or don\’t).

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