Mine eyes are ever toward the Lord

“Mine eyes are ever toward the Lord; for he shall pluck my feet out of the net.”

-Psalms 25:15

Loving that simple statement of direction.

One time when I was younger, a great family friend told me and a couple of friends that sometimes problems are a lot like a tangled, knotted, necklace. It can look real bad, impossible to work out. So much so that when you set to work on it – painstakingly trying to unsnare it you just make it worse. And she showed us an example of one such knotted necklace. You could tell it had once been a nice one, but there seemed to be no way were we going to get it undone any time in the next hour. I felt bad for her.

But, she said, completely not worried, sometimes you just have to take a step back and not get pulled into the details or the ‘story’ of what you’re seeing. She shook the necklace, and it just simply un-tangled. She went on to tell us that it wasn’t a magic trick, that it was something of a law. Keeping our attention focused on the details of a problem isn’t necessarily going to help solve that problem quickly or productively.

Stepping back and trusting a deeper working Divine law, can yield quick, efficient results.  I like to think that we contemplate our relationship to the Divine, we are turning our eyes toward the Lord. And when we are agreeing to live to our highest moral understanding and Love the Principle of Life we are putting God first. When we do that, like with the necklace, there’s no room for us to get nervous or worried should we seem to get tangled in a human drama.

One thought on “Mine eyes are ever toward the Lord

  1. Christa

    I love this — simple and good. It’s been in my canon of ideas (and ammo in my spiritual “cannon”!) since I read it a few months ago. Thank you for sharing, whoever this was. 🙂

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