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  1. Peter

    I have a suggestion for your call in line. The problem is the conference call service you use requires that there be more than one person calling in. In other words, when I try to connect I get a message saying that I am the first caller. When another caller calls in I will be connected. Until then I am put on hold with elevator music. If someone else hasn’t called in by let’s say 10:28 I hang up and call a branch that I can be connected with.

    Solution: Have someone from your group call the call in number. Consequently they will be the first caller and will be on hold until the next caller calls in. That way, there is no cue waiting for someone else to call and I or anyone will be connected automatically.

    Any question?

    1. Hi Peter,
      Thanks for your comment!
      We generally call the line about 5 minutes before the Service starts. If you happen to call in earlier because it’s easier for you, think of the waiting music as our postlude 🙂
      Sundays we try to call in around 7:30 and Wed that is 10:30.

      ❤ so much love to you! look forward to you joining us again soon!

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