Friday Friday Friday

Want to remind you of this week’s First Friday’s Open Mic event!

Rev Sekou and others working to put this together have created a really cool event. The details are below but I hope many of you can come and will share your talents in the Open Mic.

The way this one will run will be a bit different than past open mic nights: A couple of thinkers on the topic of Hip Hop, Spirituality and Social Justice will open the event with some ideas and conversation and then the open mic will open and there will be a feature performance with Project Hip Hop!

What: First Friday Open Mic

WHEN: Friday, March 1st, 2013 @ 7pm

TOPIC: Hip Hop, Spirituality, and Social Justice. Can Hip Hop save the church and society?

FEATURING: Walter Hidalgo with performances from youth of Project Hip Hop


Walter Hidalgo is former Associate Youth Minister at The Riverside Church and author of the critically acclaimed Beyond These Four Walls: The Rising Ministry and Spirituality of Hip Hop.

Mariama White-Hammond is the Executive Director of Project Hip Hop.