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  1. Alexis Gable

    Thank you for the link to this blog about being a welcoming church vs. an inviting church. Rather than blow it off, which would be normal, something prompted me to read it. So interesting. I have been christian science for almost a year and prior to that studied metaphysics for 25 years. I read that at one time there were 45 CS churches in Los Angeles (1930s/40s?). That is so amazing to me. To be candid, I really don’t like going to church. I think it’s boring and the readers are often montone. I long for a sense of community, and to have a CS friend would be wonderful. It would be so nice, according to me, if there was some CS group that did volunteer work that I could join. We could as a group do something positive for our community. And as they said in the blog, and maybe we might have an opportunity to offer our assistance. These were the feelings that lead me to Jamaica Plains and the possibility of a telephone connection, but then the california time difference constantly got in the way.
    But I digress. The point is that I always wonder what the heck happened to everyone back in the day. I go visit different churches to get a variety of ‘welcoming’ and generally see beautiful big churches with only 15 people in them…ok, sometimes 30. But these churches were built to hold hundreds. I think it would be grand if we were ‘inviting’. But then again, I think it would be grand if churches were even ‘welcoming’. No one bothers to follow up on my newbie-ness by getting my name and number…maybe calling me later and seeing how things are with me or if I have questions. Fortunately I am a very pro-active person and go visit reading rooms and call reading rooms all over the country, and bravely go where no one has….wait, that’s a movie! sorry.
    But didn’t MBE want us to effect a positive change in our community? How do we do that?

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