God our refuge

From earth’s fears and vain alarms,
Safe in His encircling arms,
He will keep us all the way,
God, our refuge, strength and stay.
(Christian Science Hymnal 53)
You and your friends/family are lovingly invited:

  • Wednesday Potluck – 6:45 pm @ 9 Seaverns St, JP (main dish: curry, you can bring eats too)
  • Wednesday Christian Science Society, JP church service 7:35 pm @ the Eastern Bank on Center Street
  • Sunday Christian Science Society, JP church service 10:35 am the Eastern Bank on Center Street (unless otherwise indicated)
Follow your ❤ 
An usher is needed this Weds 5/22 and 1st reader is needed this Sunday 5/26 – contact us – no needs to be a member to do these!

Clerk, Christian Science JP Society ❤ 

PS. In support of the church family, thought you’d like to know 3rd Church is holding services this week in JP: Wednesday @ 7:30pm and Sunday @ 10am.  Contact us for details.