Howdy church fam!

JP Church has uplifted many of our lives.  The best response is to pay it forward.  If we’ve cheered you up, cheer someone else up; if church has healed you, be open to healing someone that needs it (and/or bring them to church!).  But it’s also natural to want to reciprocate to JP Church, and we’re happy to humbly accept a hand:

  • metaphysically: Pray for church!
  • humanly: Help out with services (contact us if interested)
  • monetarily: We now have a tax-deductible donation button on our website, which accepts credit cards or PayPal accounts.  Computer users can see it right on our homepage in the upper right ↗.  It also appears for both computer and mobile users in our Share Gratitude page.

Thanks for all you do!  We love you so much ❤

-JP Church