Come and get it!

What is grace?  Different biblical translators have called it “love,” “kindness,” or “exuberant giving and receiving;” a famous song simply calls it amazing… what does it mean to you?

This good, this grace, can come in many forms, indeed, but it’s all come to us the same way.  Come, experience grace with us, and share our gratitude as we reflect on it.  It will be healing, it’ll be inspiring, and the blessings will abound.

Our healing meeting will start at the usual place (687 Centre St., JP), at the usual time (7:35pm EDT, Wednesday), and with our usual joy (often expressed in hugs, high-fives, and healing).  If you would like to experience grace with us via telephone, the number is (605) 475-4000 x636128.

The Principle of everything loves you.  So do we.