It can be easy to own our shortcomings.  To beat ourselves up for mistakes, to live in the drama of our plight, to identify with a flaw can be so seductive.  But it ain’t how it is!

We were made good by God, good.

Come hear our pastor’s sermon, where we’ll be learning about this goodness and how our knowledge of us can help us notice and remove all these false notions of mistakes, disease, and sinful thoughts, and thereby experience our already-present pure goodness.

As the psalmist wrote,

Everything God does is right—
    the trademark on all his works is love.

Ps. 145:17 (MSG)

Show starts at 10:35 EST Sunday mornin’.  Come by 687 Centre St. in JP, call (605) 475-4000 x636128 in telephony, or message on Skype and we’ll add you to the call (new! this week only so far, but maybe more in the future…).  (Here’s a shortcut to the collection button.)

PS: NOTE! That’s EST – turn your clocks back tonight (if you’re in a place that does that; otherwise just figure out the right timezone math to tune in)!