Scientific Discovery! Share some this Wednesday evening

Today I made a discovery!  During the winter, this website has mysterious snow.  I discovered what determines the direction of the “wind”: wherever your mouse is, the wind blows in/from* that direction.

Have you made any discoveries lately?  This Wednesday evening, like every Wednesday, folks will be gathering to share discoveries they’ve made in a field a bit more significant than webpage meteorology: how to apply Christian Science to their daily lives.  Come hear, share, sing, and apply this science with us.  687 Centre St. in Jamaica Plain, MA, starting @ 7:35pm.


*sometimes one, sometimes the other — can you figure out when it’s which?

2 thoughts on “Scientific Discovery! Share some this Wednesday evening

  1. Mary Jo Beebe

    I love your posts–very inspiring. I wanted to send this to a member to show what you are doing and to suggest we do invitations similar to this for our church participants. Unfortunately, there was an ad for Irish whiskey in video that popped up right under your post.

    I went back into your website a couple of times and each time the video that pops up is a different one. The Irish Whiskey thing may pop up again for you and it may not!

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