Open doors

How many churches…

  • have healed their members during services?
  • welcome every one?
  • provide an open community where it’s safe to ask (and work out answering) the tough questions about spirituality?
  • regularly have original music performed by talented, honest musicians?

The answer to each of those questions is honestly “a bunch”, but collectively they’re what make jpchurch special to me, and I’ve had each of those experiences here in awe-inspiring ways.

If you have friends or family that might be interested in a group that’s open to them in Boston, via phone, or via Skype, why not let them know about us?  Our doors are open to everyone – no labels necessary (or used).

We offer:

  • Healing church services every Sunday morning (10:35 Eastern)
  • Meetings every Wednesday evening for sharing experiences, testimonies, and remarks on the Science of Christianity (7:35 Eastern)
  • Open mics every month (the first Friday, 7pm, hosted along with our friends at First Baptist)
  • Communitycall, email, or post to get in touch with us; we’re having vibrant, deep, and/or silly discussions about spirituality at almost times.
  • Monthly dinner parties focusing on how we’re practicing healing in our lives and communities (details tbd)
  • Sunday School for youth to learn about the Bible and its practical uses in life
  • Random inspired activities: parkour, caroling, prayer vigils, breaking bread, lectures/panels, [your idea here], …

We’ve also got some other projects in the works (CD, vacation Bible school, Reading Room, concert, …), so stay tuned 🙂


(and check for location details and contact info)