Love each other, cus love is what God is.

(paraphrase of 1 John 4:7.)

This week, the Lesson-Sermon has focused on God as the quality of Love.  


it also says that it’s got to be practical – that is, Love (i.e. God) isn’t fanciful, but something to see & do every day of our lives.


That’s kinda what we’re all working on, basically all the time.  We’ll be at the Eastern Bank community room (687 Centre St, JP) tomorrow, affirming these ideas (among others) in prayer together.

Service goes from 10:35-11:35, EST.  You can also call in (605-475-4000 x.636128), or Skype in (just friend-request/message us at a few minutes beforehand).  We don’t always have Skype available, but we will tomorrow.

Wherever you are… there’s love and peace for you.