greater than church

So most of these blog posts are a bunch of words.  Maybe heartfelt, maybe conveying depth, emotion, truth, but words nonetheless.

Similarly, reading this blog, you might think our church is all about church services, meetings, events, a couple of amazing books, song, and getting word out.

We do love those things (dearly), but ain’t none of ’em what we’re about or why we’re here.

We’re about healing: our community, our movement, our world, our bodies, our hearts, our thoughts, our neighbors.  We love it, we’re working on doing it more consistently, and we want to share it.  The other things above are (ideally) all ripples flowing out from that, expressing that.

Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer of this Science of Christianity, once said,

“The true Science—divine Science—will be lost sight of again unless we arouse ourselves.  The building up of churches, the writing of articles, and the speaking in public is the old way of building up a cause. The way I brought this Cause into sight was through healing; and now these other things would come in and hide it…

We must show the difference between the healing of Christian Science and quackery.”

(Lida Fitzpatrick, We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, Expanded Edition, Volume II, pp. 111–112)

Come by any Wednesday night at 7:35pm to discuss how we’ve seen this Science applied in healing in our individual lives, or call in (605) 475-4000 x636128.  We usually meet at 687 Centre St. in Jamaica Plain, MA (and that’s where we are this week — check this website for future meetings).  These meetings aren’t what we’re about, but they’re a sweet and natural outgrowth of the healing we practice, sharing it gratefully.

Warmest wishes,