Holdin’ each other up this Wednesday

Is life a struggle right now?  A string of victories?  Drudgery?  Some of each?  Whether what you need is comfort, solutions, radical turnaround, energy, perspective, or making the most of your progress, Love (which is a divine Principle) has got what you need, and we’ll hold you up and help you see it.  I know I’ve got my struggles and my successes, and so could use a little of all of those things, and I bet it’s not a stretch to guess that I’m not alone in that.  So let’s get together again this Wednesday evening and help each other to realize God’s magnificent love for us.  A good spot is 687 Centre St. in JP (or by phone at 1.605.475.4000 x636128), and let’s say 7:35pm EDT.  We’ll share some readings from some great books of wisdom, share some song, and share a bunch of testimonies about Love at work in our lives, peppered with questions, remarks, and prayer.  All are welcome, especially newcomers.  It’ll do you good, do me good, do everyone else there good… and then our uplifted thought won’t be able to hold back from doing good to our communities.  Sounds all fluffy-happy, but it works in amazing ways… come by and see 😉

Best to you,