A Strong Defense at the Boston Marathon

One of our members wrote an article about the Boston Marathon, and it seems appropriate to share it with you all.  It’s called “A strong defense at the Boston Marathon“.  It begins talking about the accessibility of the activity of running, and how it represents spiritual progress.  Then the author confronts the chaos we ran into last year, which unsettled us all, and how he eventually

recognized how error was attempting to deceive by introducing the suggestion that spiritual progress could be plotted against or disarrayed by fear, destruction, or malice. I reasoned that not only was Love guiding and protecting the police officers and citizens in Boston during that moment, but also that Love had never stopped knowing anything but spiritual progress through the whole Marathon. I could feel the truth of God’s care…

The article concludes,

When I run down Boylston Street, I’m now filled with an understanding of what that street represents—the celebration and demonstration of global progress out of the limits of physicality.

So, if you’re so inclined, give it a read and some prayer, and be uplifted.

Glory be to God, and peace to the struggling hearts.



Grant and jpchurch



PS: Don’t worry that the article “was written” in the future.  Like AJ says, “progress out of the limits of physicality.”  😉