New mural at the South Street Youth Center

Hi there friends!

We’d like to share the below letter with you, a version of which went out recently to members of the JP Church community.  It’s about a project that’s near and dear to our hearts, and – thanks to individuals and other organizations who donated – is a fully-funded reality!

The church members over at JP Church [aka: the Christian Science Society of JP] wanted to let you know about an exciting community project we’re supporting in Jamaica Plain.  We’d like to thank everyone who donated to make this project possible.

South Street Youth Center mural
Partial view of the completed mural


JP Church is building a new partnership with South Street Youth Center, part of a low-income housing complex down the street from where we meet. Our first undertaking together is an uplifting, spiritually-based mural project.

The mural is just the beginning of what we hope will be an ongoing relationship among our church, youth center staff, and the young people they serve. We are actively cherishing the idea of what Sunday School can look like and how our church can best serve the youth in our community.

South Street Youth Center mural
An attendee of the South Street Youth Center and a JP Churcher, working on a blue tree


The Youth Center does a lot of amazing work with youth from age 6 to 22 that live in the housing complex, including providing after school programming, mentors, and various classes.

So far, the youth we’ve met there rock. They’re full of enthusiasm and love and innocence. It was great to spend a Saturday morning painting “You Are Important” and “Eres Importante” on the wall outside the center. It’s a potent message that’s part of artist Alex Cook’s You are Loved multi-mural project.

South Street Youth Center mural
Alex, deftly mixing paints for his eager helpers


Our deep gratitude goes out to the following organizations, who helped to support this mural through their donations:

First Baptist Church of Jamaica Plain
3rd Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston
Nehar Shalom Community Synagogue

Several individuals also contributed to the mural by using the “Donate” button on our website, and we are equally as grateful to those generous folks.

(If you love this project and feel a desire to contribute to it, we wouldn’t want to stop you: we know exactly how you feel!  However, we’re no longer actively seeking contributions, as we’ve met our fundraising goal.  Anything donated after this point will go towards offsetting JP Church’s costs in sponsoring the mural.)

South Street Youth Center mural
“You Are Important” in Spanish
South Street Youth Center mural
“Eres Importante” in English 🙂

To see more pictures, check out Alex’s South Street mural album or our Facebook page.

We are so very grateful for you!

hugs and love,