“Love songs” for you (audio)

Hi!  Firstly, JP Church will be in “the bank” or on the phone at 10:35am EDT this Sunday morning – details below. Don’t go to the park if you’re looking for us; we won’t be there.  🙂

All this week, students of Christian Science, in JP and around the world, have been giving special focus in their prayers to the topic of Love.  This morning’s service is going to be a culmination of the week.  This essential element, love, perpetually deserves our focus, as well as more people prepared to humbly practice it.  (And it’s such a gift to be getting to know God not as a person, with whims or mysterious feelings, but as the immensity of Love itself.)

We have some musicians that go to JP Church, songwriters who radiate Soul through their work.  And, not surprisingly, a topic that comes up a fair amount is the topic of God’s love.

In celebration of the week’s theme… here are a few songs on Love by a handful of these musicians. To access the recordings, via a podcast called the Weekly Musician, click the links below.  May they be a drink of cold water.

Lisa Andrews – Love Never Fails

Alex Cook – Glorious Within

Laurie Burgdorff – Love is Priceless

Jef Scoville – The Way That God Loves You

* * * * * * *

(One last note: these + other original songs by JP Church songwriters will be available on a new album before too long.  We’ll be sure to let you know when it’s ready.)

Find us Sunday morning at:
Eastern Bank community room – 687 Centre St, Jamaica Plain (across from Goodwill)
or on the phone at:
(605) 475-4000 x 636128
We’ll kick things off at:
10:35am, Boston time (EDT).

Love, your neighbors at jpchurch