On praying without ceasing (from M.B. Eddy)

A thought for you to take with you today – words not from me, but from the founder of this church:

The habitual struggle to be always good is unceasing prayer. Its motives are made manifest in the blessings they bring, — blessings which, even if not acknowledged in audible words, attest our worthiness to be partakers of Love. 

Simply asking that we may love God will never make us love Him; but the longing to be better and holier, expressed in daily watchfulness and in striving to assimilate more of the divine character, will mould and fashion us anew, until we awake in His likeness.

–Mary Baker Eddy, in her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Read in context here.

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See you at the park tomorrow!  We’ll be thinking & praying together about our identity.  (The second paragraph of the quote above is part of the service tomorrow.)

To find us, enter “333 Lamartine St., Jamaica Plain, MA” into your GPS, and you’ll see us across the street from there in Johnson Park, sitting on blankets in the grass.  Or call in to listen, at 605-475-4000 x. 636128, starting around 10:30am Eastern time.


One thought on “On praying without ceasing (from M.B. Eddy)

  1. Tom

    Dear JP, A few months ago I had a situation where ,I too , needed prayer without ceasing.Your member Christa brought such thought provoking Love into my experience through her work , and word, that I followed ,that so many demonstrations have unfolded in my life….of healing and unfoldment. I’m sitting here in Az. this early morn just in awe of the work your group does to heal.Im so grateful to follow you! You are all a group of CS Healers, or you would not have been led to do what you do so naturally. MBE talks about the Chosen, and her word is alive today as then. Don’t get me wrong, we did not personally work together, in a sense, but her devotion of helping to keep the group glued and fluid at the same time , is remarkable. I followed her insights and determination. That natural shared friendship of answering questions for me so clearly with such heartfelt love brought spiritual growth and demonstration to someone she did not know or would not even recognize on the street today if she passed me, and yet that simple drink of cold water sustained this traveler through the dry desert of mortal belief. Tonight after a period of ‘parsimonious’ rain, the Desert is refreshed. Just like man is continually refreshed by the understanding that Mind is and could not be choosey and stingy in its infinite unfoldment of generosity, and not withhold stingily with who the raindrops fall upon and Bless. I’m working on a new thought of growth and would appreciate comments. If Man is made in the image and likeness of God, and in Science we behold the perfect Man, then in Spirit and true mathematic thinking, would not our lowest opinion of man, actually have to be “our Highest concept of God? You , I know must have this figured out .Let me know. I try to see everyone as the perfect likeness of the One Mind. But every so often I come across someone who’s thought is so repulsive it blows me away.And then I tell myself, no matter what, this person is the reflection of the One Mind. But my concept is this person might just be a jerk. So isn’t that “my”highest ” concept of God? Just thought I would throw that out there. Tom

    Ps Christi, please feel free to post this. I still don’t quiet understand how posts go and what’s to hide and what’s to be made public, but this one you can edit , please, and post if you wish. With love, Tom Have a blessed Sunday

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