Break EVERY yoke. (Plus, church in the *bank!*)

–> Details of the church location, time, call-in number are at the bottom of this post. <–

The Christian Science lesson-sermon for this week on the topic of unreality contains a particular central message: freedom.  It includes this passage from the book of Isaiah:

Is this not the fast that I have chosen:
To loose the bonds of wickedness,
To undo the heavy burdens,
To let the oppressed go free,
And that you break every yoke?”

-chapter 58, verse 6.  (Whole chapter here.)

That is:  The fasting, i.e. form of worship, that Love, Spirit, Mind, Truth has in mind for humankind is “to loose the chains of injustice” (as the NIV puts it) … to undo burdens… to let the oppressed go free.  Noteworthy that this isn’t just about individually finding freedom, either, but also helping others see their freedom.

Freedom from what?

Freedom from everything and anything not like God… every yoke!

The idea that this is possible is really just a profoundly wonderful thing.  I mean, think of all the varieties of “yokes” that seem to keep humanity in bondage: fear, selfishness, sensuality, lack, materialism, apathy, pain, limitation, incapability, bad history, mortality, etc. etc.

Think of actually being able to overcome all of those things, and helping other people to overcome them.  Every single one, and more.

No, seriously… wrap your mind around that for a sec.

If this doesn’t fill you with happiness, I don’t know what would.

(And, technically, all of those “varieties” are just variants on the same one evil… though that’s a topic for another post.  Or, better yet, you can read a bit about it here: Science and Health p.16)

Because of the nature of spiritual existence and of God, this one evil is truly and finally “defeatable.”  It’s what can’t help but happen.

Okay.  If you’d like a song that’ll get you thinking about freedom today, here’s a classic gospel song from around the Civil Rights era in the US.  This version of the song, “Oh Freedom,” is sung by the Golden Gospel Singers.

(note: this recording & video are not made by/copyrighted by JP Church!  For info about the video, click the YouTube icon in the bottom right of the screen.)

Details about today’s service:
Eastern Bank community room, 687 Centre St, JP
(605) 475-4000 x.636128 – for remote callers
10:35am to 11:35am-ish, EDT
-An hour of singing, contemplative prayer, readings from the Bible and Science and Health, and pure love.

<3, jpchurch