“Eye infection gone”

Two things: 1) Quick note about church.  2) a wonderful article just for you.  🙂

1 – Church will be at the bank tomorrow.  (Eastern Bank community room, 687 Centre St, Jamaica Plain.  Call in at 605-475-4000 x. 636128.)

2 – In thinking about the fear of ebola that’s currently being talked about (and, particularly, the detail that this is a disease which currently has no known cure), I came across this article.  It’s a testimony of a woman who found healing of a contagious condition through prayer, despite her condition having been first diagnosed by doctors who told her that the disease was resistant to all known medicines.

The encouragement that I take from this is: even if there is no medical cure for something, or if it’s difficult to come by, there is help and health through trusting in the laws of God (i.e. the laws of purely good Life).

Here’s the article: Eye infection gone

(Noteworthy: this week’s lesson/sermon will be on a pretty helpful and relevant topic, too.  It questions whether sin, disease, and death are inevitable and real parts of life, or whether there’s a law of God that obliterates those things.)

Happy reading, and love to you!

Christa and JP Church

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