Ask without hidden motive —> be surrounded by your answer

–> Details of the service location/time/call-in number are at the bottom of this post. <–

Today, here’s a simple, useful message… just made to be basked in.

John 16:23-24 (from the Aramaic English New Testament)
[to dive deep & compare translations, Bible Hub & Bible Gateway are good resources.]

All things that you ask straightly, directly, that you desire –
like an arrow to its mark,
like birds to their watering place —
from the Breathing Life of All, Father-Mother of the Cosmos,

with my shem
my experience,
my Light and Sound,
my Atmosphere, my Word:
from inside my Name –

you will be given.

So far you haven’t done this.

So ask without hidden motive and
be surrounded by your answer –
be enveloped by what you desire –
that your gladness be full –
that the joy of goals met here
may continue its story to perfection in Unity –
that the [fullness of] life in you
find its lover in the Cosmos.

You and all are welcome to join in the service this evening (details below) to consider this concept some more, and to feel the healing it brings.

But wherever you are today, may you feel even closer than before to the goodness & healing we have every right to expect from God.

Much love,

Your pals at JP Church

Details about tonight’s service:

@ Eastern Bank Community Room. 687 Centre St, Jamaica Plain (map).
7:35-8:35 PM, EDT.
how: In person, or by phone (605) 475-4000 x 636128
what: An hour of singing, contemplative prayer, readings from the Bible and Science and Health, testimony sharing, and pure love.

PLEASE NOTE!  This Sunday and the following Wednesday, we will be in different locations than usual.  Be sure to keep an eye on this website for details; it will tell all.  ❤

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  1. Love love love the post. The call-in line wasn’t working tonight (at least for me). Busy signal or “Your call cannot be completed as dialed.”

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