Note: Different location + EARLIER TIME tomorrow!

But first, here’s a little inspiration…

In preparing to hear tomorrow’s sermon—this week, it’s on the topic of “Adam and Fallen Man”— here are some thoughts from one of our readers, Sarah:

As I prepared for the service this Sunday, I gave a lot of thought to the concept of identity. Who are we really? What does it mean to be made in the image of God?

One idea that is very empowering for me is knowing that our spiritual identities as the children of God enable us to overcome all limitations. Anything that seems to hold us back is actually powerless to do so because God creates and sustains us. There is a story in Daniel of three Israelite men who were renamed (re-identified) Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego by the Babylonians. Despite what the Babylonian culture did to try and force them to take on a limited sense of identity, they became successful rulers AND survived the fiery furnace. (Check out the book of Daniel—chapters one, two, and three.)

When we defend our sense of identity as the spiritual children of God, we can do anything! What a powerful and joy-filled thought. 🙂

PLEASE NOTE: we’re doing a little location bouncing-around this week!

First, and most importantly for all attendees (phone and in person): we’re moving our start time tomorrow morning to half an hour earlier, in order to accommodate the needs of the different location.  We’ll be getting started at 10:00am, EST.

Secondly, for the in-person folks, tomorrow’s service and this Wednesday’s service will be at Spontaneous Celebrations, 45 Danforth St, JP (map).

Driving: Parking is free in this neighborhood, and shouldn’t be too tough to find within a block or two.
Pub. tran: The Stony Brook stop on the Orange Line is just one block away!  And the 39 bus is only about a 7-8 minute walk.

We’ll be back in the Eastern Bank space again soon!  Thanks in advance for being flexible with this little mobile church.

One more techy note:
We had some out-of-the-ordinary difficulties with the phone line on Wednesday, and we are deeply sorry that we missed connecting with some of you.  The phone line is fully functional now, and we’re not anticipating any further problems.  However, should anything come up, you can contact one of us directly or email csjpchurch at gmail dot com with your phone number. We’ll be monitoring that address and will make sure to get you patched in!  As always, your prayers for these services are appreciated and felt.

We love you!  But, more importantly, God loves you.

the C.S. Society of JP