Sharing another good resource. (Plus: church @ Spontaneous Celebrations again!)

So there have been a few posts on this blog over the past few months that have promoted various episodes of this audio series—but I can’t help but share another one… they’re just so good.

In the live audio chat from this afternoon, some topics covered include: freedom from pornography, supporting a healthier worldwide view of women/womanhood, responses to a wide variety of questions about sex and sexuality, combatting apathy or laziness… and several other topics.

All topics were addressed from a healing perspective, and with the goal of learning more about our unfallen, unbroken selves… that is, as we were made by a God who is actually just Love itself.

Listen to the Q&A chat here:Breaking free from sensuality” – with Tony Lobl, a Christian Science practitioner.

(And you can always tune in while these chats are happening live, too, and can send in your own questions.  See the links above to find out more.)

Finally, see below for the info about tonight’s temporary church location.  We’ll be at Spontaneous Celebrations once again.  The time of the service (7:35pm EST), as well as our call-in phone number, are the same as usual.  And as usual, all are lovingly welcome.

All love,

the C.S. Society of JP

Details about tonight’s service:
@ Spontaneous Celebrations. 45 Danforth St, JP (map).
7:35-8:35 PM, EDT.
how: In person, or by phone (605) 475-4000 x 636128
what: An hour of singing, contemplative prayer, readings from the Bible and Science and Health, testimony sharing, and pure love.

We’ll be back at the Eastern Bank community room this Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Sharing another good resource. (Plus: church @ Spontaneous Celebrations again!)

  1. Tom Shinpaugh

    Dear JP, I want to respond with a big thank you! I have posted various posts to your Society in the past. Some I am proud of , and others I think were just misunderstood… That’s if anyone ever took the time to read them, and took time to understand the feelings I was trying to express.If one found a statement not in harmony with their teaching and understanding of CS, I would have been more than welcome to hear from them .But never did. But as being raised in CS, and indoctrinated by many family members! am 66, that subject has far been overlooked, and much has unfolded these past years. I remember being in Sunday School in 1963 when a Sunday School teacher said that CS would no longer be a significant religion in 2000. Wow, what a mistake. Blacks were not 100 per cent human from some misunderstood biblical passage, she taught.That a elevator operator in Boston at the Mother Church was turning white, because of her understanding of CS. Yet today we know it’s a somewhat common condition, of pigmentosis, experienced by people such as Michael Jackson.It had absolutely nothing to do with CS. These are lies., disguised as Truths. That’s why we have the Manual. Something I never took seriously until the past few years. It shows the wisdom of MBE, and her keen thought into the future. I am using it as a daily guide to my own personal life , in the present now. And you know what, life is so much more simple. I find my life awakening each morn to the Daily Lesson, the Daily Lift, perhaps a radio podcast, a wonderful fresh article I can listen to on JSH, while watering my plants, and put earphones on as I walk my dogs.And then look forward to a wonderful discussion like today’s on “Sensuality, “not focussing on sex. How refreshing.!It was the first discussion not focussed on sex, but other indulgences we seem to not consider as indulgence.It has brought down empires, consider chocolate, spices,pepper and above all salt. The things we had no access too, simple things we take for normal.They had great power . Thank you again JP for your work, available because of the Internet. Has anyone ever taken the time to relate this form of communication , through the vision of Mary Baker Eddy,though she never mentioned it. Not known, never referred to it. Actually, to my knowledge S&H was never to be read but from the “actual book”without always giving recognition to the author.i believe that’s in the Manual…..please correct me if I’m mistaken. The wonderful thing about these “posts”, they are for fun and discussions!Please don’t take them as disgruntled students….we are only seekers of Truth….seeking opinions from others who take the time to read them.If you wish to contribuabte, that makes it even better With Divine Loves Direction, Tom Shinpaugh

    As our grand structures are being sold to other followers of their belief, what happened to ours? Where did we go wrong? There are a few left, due to the accumulation of money and endowments….. But not enough to carry us through eternity… Truth cannot be destroyed or disorganized…..but I feel JP is on the right course. PS…..if anyone reads this , which I doubt, could you pull your head out of the sand and respond…..I would love a response other than a quote from MBE. That is just a cop out , and a true , real , 2014, reaction as to my response would be lovingly appreciated.


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  2. Howdy Tom! This is Christa on the JP Church account.
    First of all… I hope you haven’t experienced fake or cop-out answers from anyone here. I’m sorry if something happened that made you feel that way. If any quotes from Mary Baker Eddy were shared in response to something you wrote, I can only imagine that they were shared entirely in sincerity and love. I know everyone here has got it on our hearts to be supportive of all our bro’s and sis’s.

    And certainly, people are all just students of this Science; it can definitely be valuable to talk stuff out! I know I’m happy to hear ideas that are different than mine about Christian Science; it helps me learn and get clearer. I appreciate the good food for thought in what you shared here.

    What your ideas in this comment are doing for me right now, actually, is making me hugely glad for **progress.** With the thoughts of people around the world constantly being raised higher (Christian Scientists included, clearly), including our collective ideas about race & identity, it makes me glad that our society on the whole doesn’t accept the things that were commonly believed in 1963. Especially that someone would be less spiritual because of their skin color, or that the Bible is somehow saying this. The world still has more progress to make about tolerance and brotherhood, for sure, but I’m so glad that we’ve at least gotten as far as we have.

    About the audio chat: I found it to be especially beautiful. Very sincere, and I thought Tony’s responses were refreshing and deep. I’m glad you had a good experience with it, too.
    And from what you described, it sounds like you’re able to live a lovely and simple life; “pura vida,” as they say in Costa Rica 🙂 I also love the idea of using the Church Manual as a guide to daily life, not just church activities! I haven’t thought too much about how to do that myself, but this makes me think I should do it more.

    It’s great to have you with us on the site, Tom, and please feel free to keep sharing your thoughts. We don’t all pop onto the site that often, but your love is still felt. 🙂

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