quick note of <3 to our phone callers

After tonight’s service was over, we learned from a few of our callers that the sound quality was especially weak at certain moments.  We wanted to take a sec to let you know that this is not typical – you can look forward to future calls with our usual clear, strong sound quality.

If you were on the call and have specific feedback about the audio you think we should know about, you’re welcome to leave a comment here on the website, or get in touch with us in another way.

And to all the folks who called in, both those who shared their experiences audibly and those who were just taking it in: thank you all!  The love on the phone was noticeable for those of us in the room.

Much good!

-the CS Society of JP

One thought on “quick note of <3 to our phone callers

  1. Tom Shinpaugh

    Thank you for the reinforcement your group gives me twice weekly. I regret I don’t do more, but your sincere desire to include me makes me feel like family with you. Many times I have received notices from you that have taken my thought to a better place. When I have asked questions , people like Christa, have responded almost immediately. I thank you for the good you do. As a student of Christian Science there are are always questions to ask and ponder. All I can say is my life, and hopefully those I come in contact with, are better because of your efforts. With gratitude, Tom . Sent from my iPad

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