Good works abound!

Have you ever had trouble figuring out what the right thing to do is? Sometimes it can be a struggle to go through the discernment process.

There is a story that sheds light on a certain community’s discernment process that comes from Matthew 12, and it is where Jesus is asked if it is lawful to heal a man on the Sabbath. Sabbath is a time consecrated to God, when the world stops in the midst of all its worldly things and turns to God. But sometimes Sabbath can become more about rules- about what you should do or shouldn’t do. While a group of people were deciding whether or not it was okay to heal on the Sabbath, Jesus gave the answer, “It is lawful to do good on the sabbath.” (Matt 12:12)

Sometimes I will start doing something and part way through I’ll just feel like it’s yucky! It could be what I’m writing, or deciding to watch tv instead of doing that bit of homework I’ve been putting off for a while, or even doing something that I started with good intentions. That sense of yuckiness tells me something’s wrong and it’s time to stop and pray. I return to Jesus’ words- it’s lawful to do good. And I know that when I’m doing what’s right, I’ll have a clear sense of right about it.

I’m so comforted by the idea that the Christ is always present with us, guiding and supporting us. He was proved by his good works, and likewise the good that we do proves us right now as God’s children

See you tomorrow!


Details about tomorrow’s church service:

@ Eastern Bank Community Room. 687 Centre St, Jamaica Plain (map).
(605) 475-4000 x.636128 – for remote attendees
10:35am-11:35am-ish, EST
-An hour of singing, contemplative prayer, readings from the Bible and Science and Health, and pure Love.