Spiritual substance

Hello there! This week I’ve been thinking about spiritual substance. A few years ago, I found myself searching for a job. My student loan payments were about to start, and I was really concerned about what I was going to do. I mean really concerned! So I decided to sit down and pray. I gave some thought to why I was so worried, and realized that what I was so anxious about was having debt. I looked up the definition of “debt” in the dictionary, and the first definition listed was sin. As Genesis 1 tells us, God created all and saw that creation as good. I am a good part of God’s creation! I just knew that God was (is) loving me and caring for me, and nothing could stop that. A couple of weeks after my prayer, I got a job, and more than that, I got a raise for good performance just before another student loan kicked in. Also significantly, the job was with a great family, and I spent most of my days laughing and enjoying myself in between tasks. God’s love expressed itself through their love and joy.

What this experience taught me is that prayer is practical and spiritual qualities are substantial. In God’s economy, supply meets demand and divine Love meets every need. Sometimes things can seem really hopeless to human eyes, but all we have to do is turn our thought to God, who is always with us and guarding us. God blesses all equally and infinitely!

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