*See* you tonight

Happy Wednesday! What a lovely sun filled day this day has been!

So many people out and about. So many smiles. 🙂images


One thing I like to think about sometimes when I’m out and about is the way I’m seeing people I pass by them or sit on the train.  Am I putting incorrect stories onto them? Or am I seeing the grace and persistence of a runner, the purpose of a person walking to work and the joy of Love between two friends and the beauty of a cool dresser?  Teasing out those spiritual qualities is a fun game, and it gets me thinking on a productive path.  Once when I lived in a different city and wasn’t dating anyone I got a bit grumpy because of some people making a lot of noise walking nearby and then I rolled my eyes at a couple who were holding hands and being cute with each other when I was struck by the thought: What you’re seeing is love. That’s joy. Because you can see it. It belongs to you, too. That woke me up a bit as I realized I didn’t have to feel annoyed or jealous, because I had what they had, too.

Come celebrate Spring and all good growth and tonight in JP with us. We’d love to *see* you.

Our healing meeting will be at 7:35 in the usual spot on Centre Street. Look for the yellow welcome sign. 🙂 Also! Do call in! We love our phone congregation! And if at any time you can’t hear us that well, please let us know. Just un mute yourself and butt in. We’d MUCH rather you do that than not know.

ALSO: NEXT Sunday we’re having a special service with our sister church, 3rd church, also situated in JP. We’ll be meeting at the new reading room (that’s right! we have a joint reading room now, soon to open more details to come) spot on Centre Street closer to the Stonybrook T stop.  For phone folks, call in will be earlier: 9:30 a.m! 

Where: The joint reading room on Centre Street

When : 9:30 a.m. Sunday, April 2.

Followed by a love-filled potluck jointly with 3rd.