Tonight, no storm (location update)

In the early fall, my husband and I moved into a beautiful farmhouse that was built in 1901. It’s surrounded by some lovely old trees that grew up with the house. But it had been somewhat neglected in recent years with an absentee landlord.
My brother, who used to be a tree guy, took a casual look and let us know we should probably get some of the branches looked at before too long, particularly the old oak in the middle of our backyard.
One thing led to another and we never quite got around to it.
Late last month we had several nights close together where there was the most terrific wind!
I’ve lived through some fairly crazy weather, and I had never experienced anything like it.
The temptation was right there, behind my eyes, to visualize some of these branches getting torn loose and wrecking all sorts of havoc on our property. Instead, the thought I stayed with was, “the storm may roar without me…” (Hymn 148 in the Christian Science Hymnal).
The storm can do whatever it wants! What’s important is I didn’t let the storm into me, into my thought, and that I felt the safety of knowing, “God is round about me, and can I be dismayed?!”
Throughout these nights of wind, we didn’t have a single branch break, (which, given the sheer number of trees, is statistically pretty amazing.) Instead of fearful nights, my family and home passed safely and peacefully through the storm, secure in our sense of gratitude.
– Lille.
I love Lille’s illustration. When I’m tempted to be scared or fascinated by the havoc of a storm (mental or weather related), as with Lille, I’ve found it more helpful to not let that storm into my thinking. Love the trees – the representation of growing  expectation of goodness and mature love – in your thought, not the things that would distract you from them.

MEETING location tonight:::

11 Stedman st #3 (top floor)
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 

We will *not* be meeting at the bank community room tonight. It appears another group needed it more than us. 
But you can always call in! We love you. Yes, you. And love that you join us by phone. Your prayers and love are very much felt. And we are sending love right to you, too.