Jesus. Christ. Why are they important?

Come hear a lesson-sermon and service tomorrow totally devoted to thinking about this question.

Or call in to listen – 605-475-4000, 636128# – starting at 10:35am EST.

P.S. It’s supposed to be a glorious day for meeting in the park, so we’ll see you there @ 10:35am. That’s Johnson Park, the park in J.P. that’s closest to the Green St. T stop on the Orange line. You’ll find us in the grass, close to the corner of Green and Lamartine Streets. Bring your own lawn chairs if you’d like!

P.P.S. This may be our last Sunday-in-the-park this year. Starting next Sunday and for two months, we’ll be holding our service at 351 Centre St, a.k.a. our jointly-maintained Reading Room. We’re pumped to get to share some joint church services with our wonderful friends at 3rd Church of Christ, Scientist, during the months of September and October.

**NOTE: For all of September, our Sunday services will be held at 9:30am – an important time shift! You can’t say we didn’t warn you  😉  but don’t worry, we’ll be sure to keep the reminders coming as we go.

See you soon!