Church is at the Reading Room

Hey you!

In case you didn’t catch the latest, for November JP church and  our sister Christian Science church in JP—Third Church, Boston – are teaming up yet again.

To help you keep track of the when and where, here’s a helpful guide for November:


Location. All of these joint church services are being held in our churches’ shared reading room:

351 Centre St., Jamaica Plain (map)

If you drive, look for parking in the little city parking lot across the street, or check for street parking close by.

Times. Our two churches are taking turns hosting these services. When each church is hosting, they’ll hold the service at the time that’s normal for them. Here’s a full schedule to help you see what those times are:

Third Church hosts Sundays; JP Society hosts Wednesdays.

So Sunday church is at 9:30am again for the month of November, Wednesdays are at 7:35.

Call in:  As always we value you, dear people who call in to church. You are a vital part of our congregation and we love that you call in. Know that while you are sharing we are nodding our heads and are ever grateful for your spiritual inspiration you share.

If you’ve never called in, see the number below, dial up and hang on! During the space for announcements we generally pass the phone around in person to give you a sense of who’s in the room and then we have a moment for our phone folks to chime in and say hi and tell us where they’re calling from. 🙂

if you can’t hear us feel free to speak up and let us know!

(605) 475-4000 x 636128