Here are some recently published spiritual articles from members of our church:

(5/14/14) Dove Controversy: Real Beauty Gone Viral, by Sharon Frey, Huffington Post

(4/21/14) A Strong Defense at the Boston Marathon, by AJ Kiser, Christian Science Sentinel

(2/24/14) Everlasting arms of Love, by Nate Frederick, Christian Science Sentinel (also in video)

(8/28/13) Rock Solid by Ali Bayer, Christian Science Sentinel

(7/16/13) Trayvon and “torn” communities by Nina deCordova,

(6/21/13) Reflection check by Lisa Andrews, The Christian Science Journal

(5/20/13) Prayer that confronts genocide by Ariana Herlinger, Christian Science Sentinel

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  • Christian Science in JP – Our sister Christian Science church in Jamaica Plain – an amazing bunch of individuals.  Their services are another great way to connect with C.S. in JP, and they offer evening services during the summer.  Check them out.



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