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If you love JP Church and what it does, and want to support it, you have a number of options:

  • Hands-on support: Help out!  We can always benefit from another beautiful face ushering, another sonorous voice singing, another guitar strumming – whatever you feel called to do.  Let us know and we’ll hook you up.
  • Membership: Consider joining our merry band.  We love you!
  • Metaphysical support: Pray, actively knowing that we’re expressing the structure of Truth and Love, elevating the race, rousing dormant understanding to demonstration, and healing (see Mary Baker Eddy’s profound work, Science and Health with Key to the Scripturesp. 583) in our congregation and our community.  Feel free to pray “in the closet” (see Matthew 6 and Science and Health, pp. 14-15), and also feel free to leave healing thoughts in the “Reply” section below.
  • Monetary support: Please consider expressing your gratitude during the collection on Sunday services, or donating via Paypal using the above button. Let us know if another way would be better for you.  We’re a registered 501(c)3, so contributions are tax-deductible (receipts available via Paypal or by request).

PS: If you need prayerful support for anything, please see our How we can help you page.

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