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(a summer service)


We hold services EVERY Sunday at 10 a.m. We hold a testimony meeting EVERY Wednesday at 7:35 pm.


Every Sunday, two church members read the Christian Science Bible lesson (the lesson and readers are different each week).  The readings are from the Bible and the textbook of Christian Science, “Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures.”  These sermons unearth and elaborate on the spiritual meaning of the Bible in practical, understandable ways.

If you’re struggling with an issue in your life, expect to be healed when you come.  We sing a few hymns from the hymnals we have–we’re pretty good singers 😉  Someone from the church will perform an awesome–and most likely original–solo.   It’s a comfortable, laid-back environment.  There’s no dress code or prerequisite for attending.

Every Wednesday we have a testimony meeting.  Someone from the church supplies some short readings.  Then, anyone present who feels like sharing a genuine spiritual healing, helpful idea, gratitude for God, or question, then has time to do so.  We sing hymns–loudly and often with instruments–and share in God’s warmth.  These meetings are pure awesomeness.  Highly recommended 😉

2 thoughts on “Services


    Is there a forum for online testimonies? I would really love to share a testimony, to write one, and have it shared on the site versus sharing it during a service.

    is this possible? if this doesn’t already exist, perhaps it would be a good addition to the site?

    1. I think it’s a great idea. However outspoken I can be at times, there have been many times on Wed. Services when I use to attend them that I had something to share but was to shy to do so. To stand up in front of a group and speak from heart is difficult for many. And to put those thoughts together at the moment is even more stressful. To put it together and have an appointed person. Much like the Mother Church does on its broadcast We’d. Testimony does, where after the meeting someone reads testimonies on their broadcast.
      I hope I got the feel of the writer right. As anyone can email a healing to your society and have it posted.But having it shared by reading might bring more insight to the cause of CS. And make the testimonial more comfortable and joyous in shareing.
      Also, I know you have a lot of followers who do not live there or unable to make it to the meeting.
      Spread the Word!

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