Sharing another good resource. (Plus: church @ Spontaneous Celebrations again!)

So there have been a few posts on this blog over the past few months that have promoted various episodes of this audio series—but I can’t help but share another one… they’re just so good.

In the live audio chat from this afternoon, some topics covered include: freedom from pornography, supporting a healthier worldwide view of women/womanhood, responses to a wide variety of questions about sex and sexuality, combatting apathy or laziness… and several other topics.

All topics were addressed from a healing perspective, and with the goal of learning more about our unfallen, unbroken selves… that is, as we were made by a God who is actually just Love itself.

Listen to the Q&A chat here:Breaking free from sensuality” – with Tony Lobl, a Christian Science practitioner.

(And you can always tune in while these chats are happening live, too, and can send in your own questions.  See the links above to find out more.)

Finally, see below for the info about tonight’s temporary church location.  We’ll be at Spontaneous Celebrations once again.  The time of the service (7:35pm EST), as well as our call-in phone number, are the same as usual.  And as usual, all are lovingly welcome.

All love,

the C.S. Society of JP

Details about tonight’s service:
@ Spontaneous Celebrations. 45 Danforth St, JP (map).
7:35-8:35 PM, EDT.
how: In person, or by phone (605) 475-4000 x 636128
what: An hour of singing, contemplative prayer, readings from the Bible and Science and Health, testimony sharing, and pure love.

We’ll be back at the Eastern Bank community room this Sunday!

“Let us …

abide by the rule of perpetual harmony, — God’s law.”

-Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures

We all have one Father-Mother.  We are all brethren, and we all, deep down, love each other, because we all reflect that one Mother, Love.  (And Love is the Principle of the universe.)

Meanwhile, divine justice protects the innocent.  None of us can really be victims; there is nothing of substance to falsely accuse us, either.  We are innocent, and we are protected, by Love.

Let us come together and celebrate our unity, and the efficacy of true justice.

We are hosting a church meeting Wednesday evening 7/17 that will include readings about divine justice, as well as testimonies about the efficacy of divine Love in our lives.  (And singing!)  See you there at 7:35pm at 687 Centre St. in JP.

Love always.


Let us rejoice that we are subject to the divine “powers that be.”



PS: There’s a prayer watch in effect re: the Zimmerman acquittal and its ripples in our communities; please consider prayerfully addressing the issues in your thought.  Thank you so much.