Warm welcome: Wednesday with one-time whereabouts


We’d love to welcome you to our Wednesday night meeting this week, the centerpiece of which is sharing experiences of applying understanding of God’s love in our lives.  We’re at a different location this time: 66 Williams St., Apt. 2, in JP.  And you can always call in at (605) 475-4000 x636128.  Time’s 7:35pm (EDT).

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Wednesday meeting in special location

Hi friends,

We’re meeting in an unusual place tonight: 36 Beecher St., Apt. 2, in JP.  But the message is the same: we’ll be sharing readings, songs, prayers, experiences, and ideas about the science do divine Love and the dominion it gives us.  The time is also the same: 7:35pm.  And as always, you can phone in at (605) 475-4000 x636128.  We’d love to see or hear from you there.

Come, call, experience the uplift of healing.


Thanking you (yes, *you*) this Wednesday (NOTE: special location!)

JP is a lovely neighborhood.  A neighbor from a different neighborhood of mine (pictured below) is reminding me to be grateful.  And you know whom I’m grateful for?  You.  You who receive this blog.  Some of you attend jpchurch in person, some on the phone, some regularly, some more spontaneously; some of you support us in thought; some read our emails; some are involved in our extra-church-y events.  Every form of that support is fostering the growth of this lovely little church, supporting our ability to bless our community (including you, including me).  The love makes it happen.  So thanks.

In gratitude, I invite you to a warm little meeting this Wednesday.  We’ll be partaking together in a bit of insight from the best books we know, we’ll be sharing gratitude, experiences, and thoughts of this reliable practice of Christianity that we’ve been learning about, we’ll be singing a bit, and we’ll be blessing each other.  We’d be delighted to have you!  It’ll begin at 7:35pm EST tonight (Wednesday) at 44 Robinwood Ave. (Apt. 3L) in Jamaica Plain, MA.  As always, phone access is at (605) 475-4000 x636128.

And as a reminder that’s always helpful to me, I give to you my neighbor:

thanks, Patrick Roddie!

With great fondness,

Your brother, Grant


PS: thank you, patrick roddie PHOTOGRAPHY!

Church! (Note: different location)

Feeling the love?  Good, because you’re loved.  Come hear about it as we share some readings, hymns, and testimonies.  The service this week will be at 9 Seaverns Ave., Apt. 2F in Jamaica Plain, starting at 7:35 PM this Wednesday, 3/27.

Bread will be broken beforehand, potluck style, starting ~6:45 PM.  If you feel so inclined, we’d love to share fellowship with you!  Same location – just buzz and you shall receive.

PS:  The location change is just for this Wednesday; afterwards we’ll be at the bank’s community room.  But we’ll be moving to the park just as soon as Boston admits it’s Spring… keep checking back here for that 🙂