Error uncovered

Hey there.

Today, my prayers are all about brotherhood. With the protests currently going on in Ferguson, MO, over the shooting of Michael Brown, it feels like there’s a powerful need for this country to understand & practice strong, true, impartial brotherhood more clearly.

In the past several days, I’ve been deeply inspired (and also saddened) by reading some of the related stories circulating online. Many of them are from people who are sharing, very honestly, their own experiences of encountering hate and racial bias. Most everything I’ve read has also clearly spoken about the need for the evil of prejudice to end. It feels like the act of raising awareness about the problem has been, and continues to be, an important step.

It feels like the more we identify that a) this is a problem, and b) it has been happening on this plane of existence – often in hidden or subtle ways – the more we will intuitively take a stand against it. Really, humanity is good. Nobody wants something evil to continue, once they genuinely & empathetically understand that it is evil. And, as a result, our views of God (a purely good God) and of man (the result of a purely good God) will, very naturally, become clearer. To this end, I’m encouraged by something Mary Baker Eddy wrote:

Error found out is two-thirds destroyed, and the last third pierces itself, for the remainder only stimulates and gives scope to higher demonstration. To strike out right and left against the mist, never clears the vision; but to lift your head above it, is a sovereign panacea. Mental darkness is senseless error, neither intelligence nor power, and its victim is responsible for its supposititious presence. “Cast the beam out of thine own eye.” Learn what in thine own mentality is unlike “the anointed,” and cast it out; then thou wilt discern the error in thy patient’s mind that makes his body sick, and remove it, and rest like the dove from the deluge.

-“The Way,” Miscellaneous Writings, p. 355

We can always be “casting the beam out of our own eye” more.  (I know I can, anyway.) We’re also learning to practice true love more, every single day. Even through the littlest of details or daily interactions, every one of us can find ways to love more, to see & understand the people around us. And each time we do that, every time the veil is lifted a bit farther from our eyes, we’re having a healing impact on the world.

So keep going, sweet ones. Keep going.

Relatedly, our Sunday service will be happening tomorrow. The topic is Mind – and there’s so much love to be had in considering how one God, one unified Mind, is the basis of all our relationships and actions. Hope to see you in “the park” (Johnson Park, in JP, across from the Green St T stop – map), or hear you on “the phone” (605-475-4000 x 636128) at 10:35am, EDT!

-Christa, on behalf of the C.S. Society of JP

a place to support & be supported

In thinking in general about church services, I’ve appreciated that they’re a great place to go and get to know God a little bit better.  Of course, God isn’t confined to a space – being a presence, or, as Jesus puts it, spirit – so you can be getting to know this presence of good anywhere.  But churchtime is a unique arena for this, since people come together in church with this same goal.  We all want to know more about love, completeness, order, effect & cause, intelligence, safety… and church is a time when we can all hunker down together, to support each other in prayer and feel supported ourselves.

Taking it a step further, Mary Baker Eddy’s got a rad definition of “church” in her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.  You might already know about it.  It’s the next level of church – beyond the level of church activities, and at the level of ideas.  Part of it says that church is “the structure of Truth and Love; whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle.”  There’s so much strength and universality in her statement, and, to me, it means that the strength of church goes with us wherever we are.

(You can read Eddy’s full definition of church here.  Lots of good food for thought.)

As always, one of our services is happening tonight, from 7:35-8:35 pm EDT.  You’re welcome to stop by – either virtually (on the phone @ 605-475-4000 x. 636128) or in person at the Eastern Bank community room (at 687 Centre St, Jamaica Plain).


Christa & the C.S. Society of JP

Come together

Come join with your brethren and sistren in praising Good.  It’s natural.  This week we’re joining hands with our neighbors at Third Church of Christ Scientist in Boston.  We’ll be meeting at their current home, Spontaneous Celebrations, on 45 Danforth St. in JP, starting at 9:45 Sunday morning.  (Call in at (605) 475-4000 x636128.)  We’ll have readings regarding the question: “Are sin, disease, and death real?”, as well as music and prayer.  And so much love backing it all.