God is Spirit

The topic of our Sunday sermon is “Spirit.” The Bible tells us about God in many ways; (S)he is: Father, Creator, King, Protector, Love, Truth, among many more. Join us as we learn about another biblical understanding of God–as Spirit. We’ll be meeting at the Eastern Bank Community Room. Lots of love to you today.

@ Eastern Bank Community Room. 687 Centre St, Jamaica Plain (map). 10:35-11:35 AM, EST, on Sunday and 7:35-8:35 PM, EST, on Wednesday.
-Or by phone (605) 475-4000, code: 636128#

from the love that is Spirit

…Live freely, animated and motivated by God’s Spirit. Then you won’t feed the compulsions of selfishness.

(The Message, Galatians 5:16)

The “compulsions of selfishness”… the” desires of the flesh” (NIV)… Either way, in both translations, neither of those is desirable.  Worth it to dip our toes into spiritual life, to explore the possibility that reality is a wee bit (or a way bit!) deeper than we know.

Keep digging, friends!

And in the morning, a sermon on Spirit.  Come and dine. ❤ (metaphorically, that is!)


Details about this morning’s church service:
@ Eastern Bank Community Room. 687 Centre St, Jamaica Plain (map).
(605) 475-4000 x.636128 – for remote attendees
10:35am-11:35am-ish, EST
-An hour of singing, contemplative prayer, readings from the Bible and Science and Health, and pure Love.

Today: God!

Happy New Year!  Check out the bottom of the post for details on location/time/call-in #.

A quick note about this morning’s Lesson-Sermon: it’s broadly on the topic of God.

More specifically, there’s a lot about praising God.  From a Christian Science perspective, it’s helpful to think about what’s being praised here.  What does Christian Science mean when it says “God”?

A few useful ways to think about God—actually, what Mary Baker Eddy (who founded the Christian Science church) names as terms synonymous of God—are these:


That is… not a dude in the sky someplace.  Not an opinionated overseer.  But Life itself.  Love itself.  Spirit itself.

Just a quick little bit of food for thought!

All love, and happiest of New Years,

the JP Church clerk

Details about today’s church service:
@ Eastern Bank Community Room. 687 Centre St, Jamaica Plain (map).
(605) 475-4000 x.636128 – for remote attendees
10:35am-11:35am-ish, EST
-An hour of singing, contemplative prayer, readings from the Bible and Science and Health, and pure Love.

Always connected to Spirit

–> Details of the church location, time, call-in number are at the bottom of this post. <–

[From tomorrow night’s reader – a few words about the inspiration behind the readings]

Halloween is coming up, and there is an atmosphere of festivity here in JP. Two weekends ago, my family and I saw the lantern parade at Jamaica Pond. Kids were out wearing their costumes, and families were walking around the pond with homemade lanterns made of candlesticks in 2-liter bottles cut in half. It was a lot of fun and a time of beautiful fellowship.

But there is more happening around Halloween. This is a time of worship for many people, who worship the spirit of the woods, trees, or earth. Others at this time of year try Ouija boards, seek out fortune tellers, or try to use magic in order to feel inspired, or to connect with something bigger.

This can be a good time to recognize that connecting to God, who is right here with us, brings permanent joy and peace. God is all we need! Divine Mind rightly tells us all we need to know for now and the future, and we can be conscious of the one all-encompassing Spirit that includes all identities.

Church also provides a time for beautiful fellowship for all of us as part of the one Spirit. Everyone is so welcome to join in for this meeting – in person, or on the phone.

With love,

Sarah and JP Church

Details about tonight’s service:
@ Eastern Bank Community Room. 687 Centre St, Jamaica Plain (map).
7:35-8:35 PM, EDT.
how: In person, or by phone (605) 475-4000 x 636128
what: An hour of singing, contemplative prayer, readings from the Bible and Science and Health, testimony sharing, and pure love.

REMINDER: next Sunday in the U.S. is the end of Daylight Savings Time. You’ll want to bump your clocks back 1 hour.  Just a little pre-warning.  🙂

In case you were wondering…

In Christian Science, substance is understood to be Spirit, while the opponents of Christian Science believe substance to be matter.  They think of matter as something and almost the only thing, and of the things which pertain to Spirit as next to nothing, or as very far removed from daily experience.  Christian Science takes exactly the opposite view.

-Mary Baker Eddy, on pp. 349-350 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures

…Just wanted to lay it out there for you. 🙂

The theme of tomorrow’s service is Spirit – and, as always, we’d love to have you join us for this prayerful, uplifting hour. We’ll be found tomorrow at our usual outdoor spot, Johnson Park, just across the street from the Green St. T stop (there’s a map on this page).

If you’re coming from the T, go past the playground and past the fountains.  We’ll be the ones on the blankets, under the mottled sunshine at the far end of the park.

(Service at 10:35am, EDT.  To listen over the phone, call in at (605) 475-4000 x 636128; you can also find this number on the homepage of this site.)

Love to you from JP Church

Church: rock.

Hey there.

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve spent considerable time “building” on the foundation of the material world.  Building a worldview from the foundation that physical science describes everything.  Building a life towards the goals enshrined by materialism.  Building yourself to best fit the ideals of that life.

But the ideals are limited, necessarily so in a finite world.  The rewards of their pursuits are sometimes enjoyable, but rarely reliable (and sometimes come at others’ expense).  It can seem like a zero-sum game.  Not to mention that this worldview can’t fully explain the most essential components of life: consciousness and love.  Nor can it explain the “miracles” of prophets like Jesus, or thousands recorded in the Christian Science periodicals.  (Incidentally, this week’s Sentinel shares healings of grief, a growth, and shingles; muscle strain; and chronic back pain.)

So… what foundation do we build on?  Various luminaries throughout history have given helpful answers to this question, and we’re exploring some of the best this week.  The apostle Paul said,

“no one can lay any foundation other than the one we already have—Jesus Christ.”

And in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, we read on p.138,

“The supremacy of Spirit was the foundation on which Jesus built.”

From this foundation, Jesus, Peter (“rock”), Paul, Mrs. Eddy, the writers of those testimonies linked above, I, other members of jpchurch, and countless others have demonstrated morals uplifted, love, physical health, walking on water, finding purpose, raising the dead, achieving joy, and other beautiful illustrations of the reliability of building on this firm rock.

This week, our pastor has a wonderful sermon on the subject of matter for us, discussing these questions of foundations (and whether they belong in matter).  We’d love for you to join us in hearing it, along with a bit of lovely singing and powerful prayer, this Sunday morning at 10:35 (EDT), @ 687 Centre St. in JP for locals or (605) 475-4000 x636128 for everybody.

Build on Love.


“Spirit, God, is heard when the senses are silent.” -Mary Baker Eddy

And with that beautiful thought, here’s a friendly heads-up that we’ll be meeting in our usual winter spot…

Eastern Bank community room
687 Centre St.
Jamaica Plain

Hope to see you at 10:35am… but if you can’t make it in person, or are wanting to just listen from wherever you are, you are always so welcome to call in.  Our call-in number is (605) 475-4000, x. 636128.

Tomorrow, we’ll also have a Skype option, which we’ve had pretty often recently!  Just keep checking these posts to see whether you can Skype in for any given service.
To Skype in: friend request/message christian.science.jp.church

And an idea to leave you singing:

There is but one spiritual existence, — the Life of which corporeal sense can take no cognizance. The divine Principle of man speaks through immortal sense.
Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 72.

word & spirit on Wednesdays

Last weekend this site hit you with so many words.

Today, we’ll instead hit you with so much love.  Hope you feel it.

Come hear a little bit of The Word and share a lot of love with us in our Wednesday evening meeting.  7:35 @ 687 Centre St. in Jamaica Plain.  1.605.475.4000 x636128#.

“Error will be no longer used in stating truth.” -Mary Baker Eddy

Gearing up for church tomorrow by thinking about a deeply revolutionary idea from the upcoming sermon:

The seasons will come and go with changes of time and tide, cold and heat, latitude and longitude. The agriculturist will find that these changes cannot affect his crops. “As a vesture shalt Thou change them and they shall be changed.” The mariner will have dominion over the atmosphere and the great deep, over the fish of the sea and the fowls of the air. The astronomer will no longer look up to the stars, — he will look out from them upon the universe; and the florist will find his flower before its seed.

Thus matter will finally be proved nothing more than a mortal belief, wholly inadequate to affect a man through its supposed organic action or supposed existence. Error will be no longer used in stating truth.

(Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 125)

Tomorrow morning, people will be in the Eastern Bank community room on Centre St. (click for Google map) – praying with this and other ideas together, and learning more about how to put love into practice.  🙂  The service starts at 10:35am.  All are welcome.

-JP Church

I am the way, a…

I am the way, and the truth, and the life. The only way to the Father is through me.

–Christ Jesus (from John 14:6, New Century Bible)

• • • Church in the BANK tomorrow—687 Centre, JP, 02130—at 10:35am • • •
Call-in number is: (605) 475-4000 x 636128.
We love you.