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If you’re anything like me, then you’ve spent considerable time “building” on the foundation of the material world.  Building a worldview from the foundation that physical science describes everything.  Building a life towards the goals enshrined by materialism.  Building yourself to best fit the ideals of that life.

But the ideals are limited, necessarily so in a finite world.  The rewards of their pursuits are sometimes enjoyable, but rarely reliable (and sometimes come at others’ expense).  It can seem like a zero-sum game.  Not to mention that this worldview can’t fully explain the most essential components of life: consciousness and love.  Nor can it explain the “miracles” of prophets like Jesus, or thousands recorded in the Christian Science periodicals.  (Incidentally, this week’s Sentinel shares healings of grief, a growth, and shingles; muscle strain; and chronic back pain.)

So… what foundation do we build on?  Various luminaries throughout history have given helpful answers to this question, and we’re exploring some of the best this week.  The apostle Paul said,

“no one can lay any foundation other than the one we already have—Jesus Christ.”

And in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, we read on p.138,

“The supremacy of Spirit was the foundation on which Jesus built.”

From this foundation, Jesus, Peter (“rock”), Paul, Mrs. Eddy, the writers of those testimonies linked above, I, other members of jpchurch, and countless others have demonstrated morals uplifted, love, physical health, walking on water, finding purpose, raising the dead, achieving joy, and other beautiful illustrations of the reliability of building on this firm rock.

This week, our pastor has a wonderful sermon on the subject of matter for us, discussing these questions of foundations (and whether they belong in matter).  We’d love for you to join us in hearing it, along with a bit of lovely singing and powerful prayer, this Sunday morning at 10:35 (EDT), @ 687 Centre St. in JP for locals or (605) 475-4000 x636128 for everybody.

Build on Love.


Warm welcome: Wednesday with one-time whereabouts


We’d love to welcome you to our Wednesday night meeting this week, the centerpiece of which is sharing experiences of applying understanding of God’s love in our lives.  We’re at a different location this time: 66 Williams St., Apt. 2, in JP.  And you can always call in at (605) 475-4000 x636128.  Time’s 7:35pm (EDT).

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Special joint service tonight! Dif. location + 10 minutes later than usual

If you’re looking to join us for church tonight, we’re not going to be in any of our usual spots.  Looking for us there will not result in you attending the service!  Don’t do it!

Instead — we’ll be gathering at Spontaneous Celebrations, on Danforth St. in JP, for a special joint testimony meeting with our neighbors at the 3rd Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston.  These guys are wonderful, and we’re glad to know them as friends & fellow Christians.  You can peruse their Facebook page here.

To find Spontaneous Celebrations, you can use this map.  The address is 45 Danforth Street, Jamaica Plain — one block east of the Stony Brook Orange Line stop, and about 5 minutes’ drive from Eastern Bank (beware of one-way streets!).  Spontaneous is a beige 2-story building, with colorful steps leading up to the front entrance.

Also, this service will start at 7:45, not 7:35!  We’ll have a call-in option as usual, so feel free to call in at (605) 475-4000, x. 636128.

All love,
-JP Church

Sharing, healing, service

Our church is wonderfully equipped with a midweek service, wherein we get to share our inspiration from the scriptures, from the key thereto, and from our own daily experiences.  Such sharing is a high expression of love, and strengthens us all.  Also, there’s some really good singing.  It’s really beautiful to be there.  Want to join us this week?  We meet at 7:35pm Wednesday at 687 Centre St. in Jamaica Plain.  (You can also call in at (605) 475-4000 x636128.)

By our fruits…

Come, hear inspiration from our pastor, music from our congregation, and the sharing of testimonies from our lives of how we apply the healing truths of Christianity in our lives.  It’ll be uplifting, and it will be an anchor of peace.  Tonight at 7:35pm at 687 Centre St., JP.  See you there!

(Or phone in at (605) 475-4000 x636128#.)

You’re invited!

Wednesday the 24th, we’re having a healing church meeting!  Come on down, bring a friend.  Our pastor will be speaking about trials and triumphs, we’ll share about the influence of Good in our own trials and triumphs, and we’ll sing!  See you there at 7:35 pm, at 687 Centre St. in JP.  Or call in at (605) 475-4000 x636128.

Meeting Wednesday 6/26

God is good.  God is All-in-all.

This Wednesday we’ll be meeting at 9 Seaverns Ave., Apt. 2F, at 7:35pm.  Or call in at 605.475.4000 x636128.  There’ll be readings from our pastor, hymn-singing, and sharing of testimonials on the efficacy of Christian healing.  We’d absolutely love to have you.


PS: Show up early if you’d like to break bread – some of us will be informally gathering for a potluck at 6:30 at the same location.