Solos in video

We have a growing number of inspired musicians in this little society.  So, we write and perform an original solo almost every Sunday.   Here’s a small collection of solos that have been caught on video. (For more, head to our Facebook Page!)

6 thoughts on “Solos in video

  1. Kathy

    These are wonderful solos! Thank you for being so Soul-inspired! Two people from San Juan Capistrano CS Society mentioned they had called into your services and how joy-filled they felt afterwards! May your church family continue to grow and sing to the world’s heart!

  2. Nate Frederick

    Thanks Kathy! I used to call into the San Juan Capistrano CS Society occasionally when I was overseas. And, I felt joy-filled too! I was grateful for it.
    God is lifting up the Christian — and the Scientist — in us all.

  3. Anonymous

    Sorry Katy! We recorded this CD and never released it! Hopefully we will release it later this year. Much love to you!

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